Side Hustle Your Way into being Debt Free

Tired of reading blogs about how someone paid off 60,000 dollars in 3 months? If you’re like me, I don’t even make 60,000 dollars in a year.

I live in the fast growing city of Nashville. Rent is off the chain. I have a roommate and we live conservatively in a suburb, outside of town. We split a 1,400 a dollar a month apartment. I spend around 500 dollars a month in student loans and 310 dollars on a car loan payment. I pay normal stuff like insurance, phone, Netflix, internet. Annually I pull in about 42,000 (with my recent 6% raise) at my full time job. I spend my money very conservatively and I’m on the struggle bus with trying to pay anything more than a minimum payment.

All last year, I worked a second job to make an extra 400-500 dollars a month. This allowed me to payoff a credit card and one of my student loans. The downside to working two regular jobs is physical and mental strain. I was 100 percent tired all the time.

This year I have been on my side hustle game.

Side Hustles I currently use.


•Pet Sitting

•Market Research Study Groups

These are my current side hustles. I babysit and pet sit privately, not through any apps or websites. I make much less money regularly than I made with a part time job, but now I have much more time. In June, I made around 200 extra dollars with my side hustles. Throughout this blog I plan on trying other side hustles, investments and and ways to become debt free.

Can you still make money from starting a blog in 2019??

In a world where every market is saturated with information is a blog still a viable way to make money?

I see blogs that claim you can make 4,000 plus just by using affiliate sponsors and creating regular content. Is anyone else as suspicious as I am? Is the blog they wrote 10 years ago still bringing in money along with continuous blogging? Are they only saying what their sponsors are paying them to say? Someone please let a girl know!

Seven weeks before my twenty-ninth birthday I’m starting a blog to see if blogs can still make money. My goal before my Thirties is to become financially free while continuing to do stuff that I enjoy. Along the way I hope to uncover what works as a viable source of income, and what is the fake news of income. I’ll be trying several different avenues for revenue including but not limited to apps, online jobs, surveys, coupons and whatever is suggested by readers.

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